How to improve your Employer Brand? πŸ“ˆ

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    πŸ’‘ You want to know how to improve your performance on your WTTJ profile and further develop your employer brand with Welcome to the Jungle, this article is for you!


    πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Advice nΒ°1: Create an attractive profile

    In order to improve your candidates' engagement, you must offer a clear, comprehensive profile, rich in exclusive and differentiating content. Some of your tabs will aim at convincing talents to join your company, while others will be helpful to reassure them and demonstrate your expertise and impact on the company.

    Attractivity's best criteria are the following: 

    • Corporate culture (49% of interviewed)
    • Wage culture (42%)
    • Working time policy (38%)
    • Remote policy (25%)
    • Impact of the company (23%)
    • Career development* (21%)

    It's essential to offer coherent, authentic content based on your attractiveness criteria, using our β‰  types of content, and different tabs on your profile!

    In particular, we've observed that companies with:

    • Templatized tabs have +24% more page views than those managing only traditional tabs.
    • Personalized tabs have +36% more page views*

    *Welcome to the Jungle survey (2022)


    πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Advice nΒ°2: Highlight the right keywords

    The attractiveness of a job offer depends on many factors, but the choice of title is key to its visibility.

    The aim of your title is twofold:

    • be well referenced in the Welcome to the Jungle search engine Welcome to the Jungle
    • give the candidate enough information to make them click to find out more 

    Beware, there are 3 types of job titles that can spoil your announcement's performance:

    • In-House job title β†’ example: Head of Master Project Transversal Initiative…
    • All-in-one title β†’ example: Alternant Communication / Marketing / RΓ©seaux Sociaux
    • Fun job title β†’ example: Jedi Master of development

    Keep it simple and use consistent keywords!

    Finally, remember to fill in as many optional fields as possible to optimize your search engine optimization, thanks in particular to the large number of filters available in the search criteria.

     πŸ“Ž  Top 10 most searched keywords on WTTJ
    Graphic designer
    Data scientist
    Data analyst
    Product manager
    Product owner
    Project manager


    πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Advice nΒ°3: Pay attention to the filters

    Don't forget to carefully fill in all the criteria that will enable potential candidates to find your job offers when searching through the filter bar!

    The more accurate and up-to-date your information will be, the more likely a candidate will find you or see your job offers.
    We also recommend that you include a salary range as often as possible.

    πŸ“Ž Top 5 filters used most by candidates

    1. Contract type
    2. Profession
    3. Level of Experience
    4. Location
    5. Business sector

    Be as transparent as possible and provide as much information as possible, so that you receive better-qualified and more informed candidates during your interviews.

    πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Advice nΒ°4: Bet on your Employer Brand by being creative and transparent!

    It might be hard to find the right candidate. And it is true that looking for a job is not an easy task either. To stand out from the crowd, you need to share key information about your company.

    Recently, we interviewed an important number of users to strengthen our knowledge of the company's attractivity for candidates. 

    Keep in mind that your profile page will be visited at different times during a candidate's job search journey.

    At first, it will be curiosity, then it will turn into interest & need to forge an opinion before applying, and finally train for upcoming interviews. 

     More than 75% of job seekers research a company’s reputation and employer brand before applying.

    (Source: Survey Sdworx (2022) | Γ‰tude LinkedIn - The Ultimate List of Employer Brand Statistics.)

    So be creative to generate interest, but also be very transparent.


    πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Advice nΒ°5: Publish and share your company news

    Benefit from your entire community by sharing your company's news and key events across all your channels, including your profile!

    Did you know? You can now publish and share your news directly from Welcome to the Jungle by creating and adding posts in the " Featured " tab of your profile. You can find out more here.

    Finally, consistency is key! Remember to publish content about your company on a regular basis. Candidates want to know more about the company, so they can better plan their careers. Webinars, new fund-raising initiatives, team-building events... Anything that helps to promote your employer brand is worth sharing!


    πŸ“Ž Top 5 news articles to boost your exposure!

    1. Your company's successes and achievements: this will show that your company is thriving and attract candidates who are interested in exciting challenges. Don't hesitate to share your employees' success stories too!

    2. Your company's culture and values: ompany culture and values: this will show potential candidates that your company cares about its employees and offers a supportive working environment. Here is an example (in French only)!

    3. Employees testimonials: this will give potential candidates an authentic insight into working for your company.

    4. Company CSR engagements: this will show candidates that your company cares about its positive impact on both society and the environment.

    5. Career opportunities: sharing promotions and career developments will show candidates that your company is a place where they can develop their skills and have meaningful evolutions in their career path.
    Example β†’ The LVMH Podcast series gives employees the chance to talk about their career development within the company.


    πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Advice nΒ°6: Count on your collaborators to share company content

    Your employees are your first ambassadors. Don't hesitate to include them in your various communications.
    64% of talents prefer information provided by a current employee before applying to a company (Viadeo study). Don't wait any longer to get your employees involved in an ambassador program, by following these steps:

    1. Establish a culture in which employees are engaged
    2. Communicate openly and transparently about the company
    3. Get internal communities talking
    4. Train and support your teams with advice and guidelines
    5.  Enhance the value of this approach in your Profile by using our different formats, such as video or the " Featured " section, to present your teams and projects in a new and fresh way.


    πŸ“Ž Did you know?
    Content shared by employees receives 8 times more engagement than content shared through branded channels(Source:

    For instance, Linkedin recently launched a large-scale recruitment campaign on the TikTok social network. Filmed by employees themselves, the short "A day at work" videos promote the company's premises and a typical employee day.


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