How to access to the ATS, and to the Jobs ⛳️

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    💡 If you want to understand how to access your offers and candidate pipelines from the Welcome to the Jungle Solutions homepage, this article is for you!

    Please note, this article refers to several features that are limited to certain subscriptions. If you want to discuss updating your subscription, reach out to us via the support widget!

    Understanding and Navigating Our "Recruiting" Solution

    From the homepage, you can access the space dedicated to our solutions to streamline recruitment within your company.

    To enable your team to be more efficient, we have divided this solution into three sub-parts:

    • Application tracking
    • Job management
    • Job booster 

    You can also access is from the banner on the left side. (see screenshot)

    Screenshot (48).png

    💡 To help you access the Job Booster feature and the "Application Tracking" tab of the ATS with just one click, we have also added two quick accesses from the homepage:

    Screenshot (49).png


    👣 Application tracking section

    The ATS dashboard

    When you click on "Application Tracking," you are directly taken to the dashboard of the ATS where you can view all applications coming from WTTJ, your career site, or any job board.

    If you are using our ATS, this dashboard is essential for you. From here, you can create, edit, and update your job postings, and understand their performance at a glance.


    Enregistrement de l’écran 2024-04-18 à 18.12.10.gif


    The "application tracking" section is to be used if you want to manage your candidate pipelines and handle new applications or modify certain ATS settings.

    💡 If you'd like to find out more about how our ATS works and how to manage your candidate pipelines, feel free to check out our dedicated section right here!

    If you need to go back, the homepage is accessible via the "Home" icon from the banner on the left side of the screen.



    🗒️ The job management section

    The "Job Management" section has been designed to provide you with an overview of the job postings currently published on your storefront, allowing you to manage them efficiently from a single space. Whether you are using Welcome to the Jungle's ATS or an external ATS, this information will be available in both cases!


    Enregistrement de l’écran 2024-04-18 à 18.16.16.gif

    This part is divided into two tabs:

    • Overview: Here you will find a table that centralizes all the information related to your online listings.

    • Additional Content: From this page, you can easily manage the default display settings for additional content of the listings.

    🚀 The Job Booster Part 

    This final part gives you access to currently boosted listings, as well as the history of boosted listings.

    My Boosts

    Screenshot (50) (1).png

    Here, you can see your currently boosted listings, and you'll be able to:

    • "View Report": to check the performance of the boost.
    • "Replace": if you want to boost another listing instead of the current one.
    • "Remove": to completely stop the boost. Please note, once activated, each boost is valid for 30 days. If you remove it before the end of this period, the countdown will not be paused.

    If you haven't boosted any listings yet or haven't used all your boosts, you can directly choose the listing to boost from this space by clicking on "Boost a job."

    Screenshot (52).png

    To obtain additional boosts, click on "Contact your Account Manager." This way, you'll have the opportunity to discuss it further.

    Boost History

    Screenshot (51).png

    Here, you can view your past boosts.

    If you change your mind and want to boost one of these listings again, simply click on the small lightning bolt.

    🆘  If you have any questions, you can contact us on the widget assistance.