Modify Your Profile with the Profile Editor (starter)! 💕

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    💡 If you need to make any changes on your profile, such as replacing photos, videos or editing text, it's now possible—here’s how!

    Go to Showcase Editor

    The Profile Editor feature is located in the “Employer Brand” section of the platform.

    To access it, click here!

    profile editor.png

    Edit Cover, Photos and Videos

    1. Cover picture

    You can edit the photos on your profile yourself! 📸

    To change the cover photo, click on the block so that a banner appears on the right side of your screen. This banner will offer you a choice of other photos from your shoot!

    Choose the photo you want and click on the small arrow at the top to confirm your selection:

    Edit cover.png

    💡 A little tip: you can drag and drop the cover photo to reposition it the way you prefer!

    2. Other photos and videos on your profile

    To edit photos or videos on your profile page, click on the item you wish to edit so that the banner appears on the right-hand side of the screen. Then select a new photo or video (depending on the type of item selected) from your gallery. Finally, confirm your choice by clicking on the little arrow at the top of the banner:

    edit pictures and videos.gif

    ⚠️ Please note that it is not possible to upload photos or videos other than those taken during the Welcome to the Jungle shoot.

    Modify Mini-Map Address

    To change the address on the map thumbnail, click on the block and select the office of your choice from the list:


    If your office doesn't appear on the list, click on the “Go to the ATS” button to add your new location. This article tells you how to add a new office on Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS if needed.

    Modify the Text on Your Tabs

    The good news is that you can also edit the texts of your main tabs directly from the Showcase Editor!

    With just a few clicks, you can edit your company's presentation texts on the right-hand side of your shop window:

    Showcase editor - texts.gif


    You can also modify the texts of your other tabs and click on the text blocks you wish to update:

    Showcase editor- other tab.gif

    Team tab: move, delete and add a video

    In the team tab, you can organize the order of your interviews as you wish by moving them using the icon at the top left of the content.

    You can also delete and/or add new videos to your gallery.

    EN-starter-add -delete-move bloc Enregistrement de l’écran 2023-12-12 à 15.02.09.gif


    And now you can modify your profile at any time! We hope you enjoy this feature as much as we do.

    🆘 If you have any questions about the Profile Editor, you can contact us via the support widget at the bottom right or through the contact form.