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    🔒 This feature is not available for all subscriptions on Welcome to the Jungle. If you don't have access to this feature and would like to discuss with our sales team to update your subscription, please contact us using the support widget!

    💡 If you want to increase the visibility of a specific job and the number of applicants for that offer on Welcome to the Jungle, this article is for you!

    🏉 Your boosted job on the front line

    In a sentence, it's a new solution that will allow you to promote specific jobs to get more applications.

    With this new feature, you finally have a solution to increase the visibility of a specific job and therefore the number of job hunters who will apply to it from Welcome to the Jungle.

    The Job booster feature allows you to increase the exposure of your top priority jobs, which will appear first in in the job search on Welcome to the Jungle. Each Job booster slot can be used for 30 days. You can change the promoted job as many times as you want during this period.

    📝 Add an offer to Job booster

    Now, let’s take a closer look at the tool that will allow you to access, manage and monitor your sponsored offers.

    To use Job booster and select the offer you want to sponsor, two paths are possible:

    • From an available slot
    • From the offer list directly

    Way 1: Sponsor an offer from a slot

    To access Job booster, either click the “Apps” tab on the black menu bar at the top of your screen or click “Access Job booster” from the Admin space

    mceclip2.pngOnce on the page, you will see the number of slots open and available to promote your jobs. If you want to add a job to one of your slots, click on the yellow ‘Boost a job’ button:


    Select the job that you want to promote, then click ‘Boost’:


    You’re then asked to confirm that you want to start boosting the job immediately.

    Select the job that you want to promote, then click ‘Boost’:

    ⚠️ Once you’ve clicked ‘Confirm’, your boost will be activated for the next 30 days. You can’t pause it, you can’t stop it, but you can replace it with any other job during the boosting period.

    Once you’ve clicked the ‘Boost’ button, your job will be promoted on the slot and at the top of the job search results on Welcome to the Jungle.

    You can view the occupied and available slots directly on Job booster.

    Way 2 : Start from the offer and add it to your slot

    Another way to boost your offer is to start directly from your offer list in Job booster:


    You can then choose a free slot or decide to replace a currently boosted offer with another one.

    🔄 Replace a boosted job

    You can change your boosted offer directly from your slots; you can update the slot as many times as you want, there is not limit.

    To do so, click on the ‘Replace’ button and choose the new job that you want to boost.


    🖥️ Boosted job display on Welcome to the Jungle

    If the job hunter searches for a keyword related to your sponsored offer (in this example, ‘Community Manager’), your offer will appear in privileged locations, at the top and bottom of the search results page, with visual elements that make the offer stand out, such as ‘Actively recruiting’:


    Psst… Want to see if your job is performing well? We’ve got you covered! Follow this link to know more about your Job booster analytics.

    🆘 If you have any additional questions, you can contact us using the support widget at the bottom right corner of the page, or using our contact form.