What you need to know about the Welcome Home shutdown

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    Welcome Home Adventure

    We launched Welcome Home in 2020, with the goal of taking the workplace experience even further. This collaborative platform seeks to improve the employee experience, strengthening social links, and allowing everyone to access team and project information in a simple way.

    From the start, we wanted to include our customers in our thinking. That is why more than 400 companies and 10,000 users joined our adventure to test the product and give us their valuable feedback.

    Together, we have worked to refine our product, and new features have enriched the user experience. We are very proud of this collaboration, especially to see the motivation of our customers to go further in improving the experience at work! 


    Why do we stop Welcome Home ?

    While we are still convinced that the employee experience topic will continue to grow and new opportunities will emerge, today the new priorities of the labor market lead us to focus our efforts on the development of other products of our ecosystem, which can have a maximum impact for millions of people in France and abroad.  

    In this context, we have decided to stop the development of Welcome Home.


    How will it happen ?

    Today, June 9th, we stop the development of Welcome Home. We will gradually stop the service for our customers, they have been notified by email of the expected date for each of them.


    How can I get back and/or delete my data?

    If you wish to recover some data or files present in Welcome Home, you can make a request to contact@welcomehome.io before the 30th of July, 2022

    If you wish to delete your personal data, you can make a request to contact@welcomehome.io before the 30th of July, 2022. They will be deleted within a month.

    After this period, and in accordance with our Privacy Policy, we will retain your data for 12 months, until June 9, 2023, and then it will be deleted. 

    For other questions regarding your personal data, you can contact us at privacy@wttj.co.