Logging in for the first time 🐤

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    💡 If you just received an invitation to join Welcome to the Jungle and if you want to understand how to start using the tool, this article is for you!


    1️⃣ Invitation to join Welcome to the Jungle services

    If you want to learn about Welcome to the Jungle, we advise you to start with this article ⭐ !

    The invitation sent by email is built as following:

    • The sender is this email address : contact@wttj.co, with this subject : "Join your team @ Welcome to the Jungle".
    • It’s your manager or one of your collaborators in charge of Welcome to the Jungle that opened your rights to our services !

    👉 If you cannot find the invitation in your mailbox, please read this article!

    1. In order to start your journey with Welcome to the Jungle, you can start by clicking the yellow button and follow the steps.



    1. Once the new page is opened, click on the yellow button “Complete my profile’, add you surname, name, job position and setup the password for your next connection.
    2. Careful: in order to be able to setup your whole profile, you must accept our T&C, and confidential policy :)


    2️⃣ Complete your profile

    You are almost done! Just a few more things to do:

    • You can add a photo to customize your account: it will only be visible for your colleagues within the product.
    • You must also fill in your first and last name and job title. The latter will be useful for employees to have an overview of the roles in the company.



    ⚠️ This personal data can be modified at any time.

    🥁You are... done! Welcome onboard :) 


    🆘 If you have any further questions, you can contact us on the support widget at the bottom right, or on the contact form at this link