Monitor and control your active sessions 🛡️

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    💡 If you want to disconnect from all unnecessary devices, this article is for you!


    ❓What is an active session

    An active session is an IP address, a browser, or a device on which your account is currently logged into one of the Welcome to the Jungle products.

    Your account settings in the Administration Center allow you to control and verify which sessions are active in your Welcome to the Jungle accounts.

    If you used the office computer last week, logged on to a tablet this morning, and are remotely browsing on Chrome right now, you will see that you currently have three active sessions!


    ✔️ Controlling your sessions

    Find your active sessions

    To check your active sessions follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your Welcome to the Jungle account
    2. In the top right hand corner, click on "Manage my account"
    3. Click on the Security tab
    4. Under the Login section, find the Active Sessions

    Delete sessions regularly

    To delete a session, click on the "Logout" button

    ⚠️ It is very important to delete "superfluous" sessions regularly to protect any potential data leakage!


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