Reset your password to connect to Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS 💻

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    💡 If you are stuck and you can’t log in, this article is for you!


    👆 Request a new password

    You've tried everything and nothing works?

    Click on "Forgot your password" and confirm your email address.



    🗯️ Reset your password

    You will receive an email inviting you to reset your password.

    This email’s object is: “Reset your password":



    Once you open the email, click on the link, and set a new password!

    We draw your attention to the fact that you will be handling sensitive data! So we encourage you to choose a hard-to-guess password.

    If you meet the minimum length of 8 characters and combine numbers with upper and lower case letters and even punctuation characters, your password will be accepted.


    ⚠️ If you do not receive the email containing the password reset link:

    • You may be trying to log into Welcome to the Jungle, not Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS! Since your account does not exist as a candidate account, it is normal to not receive an email.
    • If you are on Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS, and you do not receive a password reset email, it is possible that the address you enter is different from the one on Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS.
    • If you are on Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS, and the address is correct, check that you have clicked on the "I am not a robot" box.

    Finally, if you have followed all these steps, and nothing happens, you can contact a Welcome to the Jungle team member on the chat tool at the bottom of the page.


    🆘 If you have any other questions, you can contact us on the support widget at the bottom right, or on the contact form at this link