Welcome Home is focusing on its core mission

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    At Welcome to the Jungle, we've been working really hard on the future of Welcome Home.

    During 18 months, we worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of users to understand what would be the ideal platform to share information, bring employees together and allow more transparency within the workplace.

    In the end, we understood we were here to solve one very specific and key issue: bring transparency to the workplace that is complex and hard to understand.
    After all, we've done it for recruiting, so it makes sense to continue our mission forward!

    This is why we are launching new features that will bring transparency to users trying to understand their company better. We think it's a competitive advantage for companies in order to get more productive and informed employees. You will soon be able to enjoy an intuitive way of following all ongoing projects (and who runs them), a simplified navigation and a reworked homepage.

    Being focused on our mission also means being OK to stop what doesn't really fit with it anymore.
    Starting mid January, our virtual office, the announcements feature, the reward system and the marketplace won't be available on Welcome Home. It's a necessary step to ensure the experience you'll get from our product will be as good as we hope it can be.

    Welcome Home is about visualizing a company's complexity with clearness and transparency, let this be our goal for 2022!

    We hope you'll enjoy those new features that will be unveiled shortly. Please let us know your thoughts, and don't hesitate to schedule a short call with us to help you make the most out of Welcome Home.

    The Welcome Home Team