How to modify a candidate's profile? ✍️

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    πŸ’‘ A candidate has a profile that has errors, and you want to change it? This article is for you !


    ❓ What are the reasons for wanting to edit an applicant?

    • If a candidate when applying filled in the wrong email address or a phone number with a mistake, you might rightly want to update the application in question.
    • It also happens that an application is several months old and the person's job title has changed, or their resume, or whatever, and you want to update their application. 
    • The position they were assigned to is not the best fit, and you find that they would be a better fit for another offer. 


    πŸ–ŠοΈ What you can change

    Candidates added by recruiters in Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS βœ…

    It's very simple, just open the candidate's card, and click on the pencil on the right of the horizontal banner. 



    Candidates who applied directly on Welcome to the Jungle 🚫

    Candidates who applied on their own from Welcome to the Jungle are not editable by recruiters.

    (Even if the email address or the number contains an error, unfortunately πŸ™Š)So you have two options: 

    1. Either ask the candidate to reapply, with the correct information
    2. Manually re-create an application in Welcome Kit - as shown here  

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