How to send a Welcome Home reward directly from Slack?

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    You see a message ins Slack and you want to reward this person? It's possible.

    First, make sure your Welcome Home profile is synced with your Slack profile:


    There a 3 ways to send rewards in Slack

    - Send a reward using the /rewards command

    Use the /reward command in a private message, private channel and public channel.

    /Reward @XXX with x(amount) for write the purpose

    ie /Reward @Mariane with 10 for her help about how to use reward

    You will get a notification to validate reward send.

    NB: You can't use it in the Slack Thread

    - Send a reward by using the emoji defined in your company

    Use emoji fonction to send rewards in channels and threads

    @name :emoji:
    @name :emoji: :emoji: :emoji:
    @name 3 :emoji:

    In order to use this method, you need to make sure Welcome Home is invited in this channel first. To invite it, you just need to write @Welcome Home as a message


    - Send a reward to a group by mentioning their Slack alias,

    Make sure you have enough credits since each member of the group will receive the number of credits indicated.

    ie /Reward @tech with 3 for her help about how to use reward

    @tech 3 :emoji: