What are the different access levels in Welcome Home ? πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

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    In Welcome Home, 3 levels of access are available:


    βš™οΈ Administrator

    The person can edit all the content available on Welcome Home and has access to Settings part.
    As an Admin, you can add members, teams and edit content and also manage Slack notifications and Shop.


    ✍️ Contributor

    As "Contributor", you can contribute to content creation on Welcome Home.
    You can edit the content (member and team profiles) and invite new members or create new teams.
    However, you do not have access to the Settings.
    We recommend that you have at least one contributor per team.


    πŸ‘€ Viewer 

    The viewer can edit his profile his profile, use the virtual office, send rewards but can't edit someone else's profile or a team page and has no access to Settings.

    ⚠️ The administrator can refine the viewer role by granting or removing the ability to change their team, birthday and job name.