Your first steps as a User in Welcome Home

Table of contents

    Bienvenue dans Welcome Home !
    Welcome Home is your virtual office, with both the benefits of the physical office and the remote world. A place for collaboration and spontaneity.

    💡If you just joined Welcome Home, this article will help you to setup up your account and discover Welcome Home's main features.


    1️⃣  Complete your profile

    Your profile will help your workmates to better know you.
    To complete your profile, click on the pencil next to your name and fill the form.


    2️⃣  Link your Welcome Home account to Slack

    Connexion between Welcome Home and Slack will provide you a better experience especially for rewards. You will be aware of every rewards received from your workmates and you will be able to send rewards directly from Slack.

    To link your to accounts, your admin first needs to make a Slack Synch. Then, write @Welcome Home in any channel and follow instructions.


    3️⃣  Customize your avatar and meet your workmates in Virtual Office

    Your avatar is your virtual representation in Virtual Office. Take time to set up your avatar as you want. You can decide to be a Human, a Robot, a Gost or a dinosaure and try to hide you in Virtual Office

    4️⃣  Practice sending your first rewards

    Send your first rewards from Welcome Home (quite easy) or send rewards from Slack (a bit more tricky) :)


    5️⃣  Discover other Welcome Home's features

    There are a lot more, discover them by yourself :)