Any questions concerning your applications? ❓

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    You are new on Welcome to the Jungle and would like some precisions concerning your applications ?

    This article is for you!


    πŸ” Is it possible to update or change an application once it was submitted ?

    Sadly, it is not possible to modify an application once it has been submitted.

    Therefore, please be sure to check that all information on the application form is correct before clicking "Apply".

    If you really need to update some information, you can write to the company, answering to the first email of acknowledgement of receipt.


    πŸ”» My application does not appear in my candidate workspace

    Did you apply on another tool than Welcome to the Jungle?

    Some companies use an external recruitment platform, which means that when you clicked on "Apply" you were redirected to an external site.

    Unfortunately, this application cannot be followed on your candidate space. The company will come back to you directly by email once your application has been processed.


    Did you just apply few minutes ago ?

    If you have received an acknowledgement of receipt from Welcome to the Jungle, your application has been sent properly don't worry! 

    There is a delay of a few minutes before the application appears in your space. You should refresh the page, and eventually log out/in to make it appear. 

    If it is still not there, check in the archived applications area ⬇️

    : mceclip2.png


    • If you tried all these solutions and still don't see it, you can write us in the assistance widget πŸ†˜  


    How to send a reminder to a company that didn't treat your application yet ?

    From your candidate workspace, you can send an email to the company replying to the email you received confirming the reception of your application.

    We do our best to teach companies to treat applications as fast as they can. However, we cannot push any application, nor can we inform you about the process on their side.

    The response time depends on the availability of recruiters, and number of applications they received.