How to find "the" job on Welcome to the Jungle? πŸ”Ž

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    You are looking for a job and want to know more about how to do so on Welcome to the Jungle? 

    This article is for you!


    ❓ How to find a job posting that matches our criteria?

    Different options:

    • Discover the offers that correspond to you on the Find a job page by selecting "criteria: type of contract, location, language...



    πŸ™‹ How to submit a spontaneous application?

    The tribe of your dreams does not offer a position that suits you?

    You can most of the time submit a spontaneous application on Welcome to the Jungle!

    To do so, go to the "Jobs" tab of the targeted company.

    Just below their offers published, you'll see an insert "Don't see a position?" 


    It happens that companies switch this option off when they really don't want to get any additional application.


    πŸ˜• The job you found is no longer online?

    If the job is no longer visible on the "Jobs" page, it means that the ad has been removed by recruiters.
    It could be because they hired someone for the position, or they limit number of applications, waiting for a treatment.
    That being said, we encourage you to apply quickly to the jobs that interest you and that you have saved to take the time to apply!