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    🧐 You've made changes from your Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS space, and you have the sneaky feeling that they haven't been taken into account? 🧐 That's normal!

    Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS and Welcome to the Jungle products have what we call a cache (on our servers and your browsers).


    1 - Empty the cache on an offer or on your career site

    In a few words, cache is a memory that temporarily stores copies of data from a source, in order to decrease the time of a later access of a computer equipment to this data. In simple terms, this cache allows you to browse the internet and your pages quickly without all the content loading completely on each new visit.

    You have the possibility to force your devices to empty their "cache" memory in order to verify that your modifications are well taken into account: "must empty the cache".

    To do this, you have several possibilities: 

    • Wait a few minutes (but "some" remains relative to the patience of each person)
    • Empty your browser cache (press SHIFT + F5 on Windows and CMD + SHIFT + R on Mac)
    • Open a private browser window (Firefox or Chrome: File > Open new private browser window)
    • Open a new internet window from another browser than the one you use regularly
    • View the page from your phone or a new computer.


    2 - Empty the cache of your presentation photo on Linkedin and Facebook

    Welcome to the Jungle products are not the only ones to use the cache system (it's a globalized internet conspiracy).

    If photo content has been edited on your Welcome to the Jungle showcase, and you want to share that page on Linkedin and/or Facebook (which we strongly encourage you to do πŸ€— ), it's going to take several weeks for the content to be updated on those sites.

    They too keep content cached in their servers to make browsing faster. Fortunately, here is the technique to speed up this process:

    When you go to these sites, the cache is forced to renew itself on the servers of these platforms so that your content is updated.


    πŸ†˜ If you still have questions or doubts, you can contact us via the chat widget on the button right, or via our contact form at this link