How to confirm your account on Welcome to the Jungle? ✅

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    You have created your account, and now you want to use it to apply but don't know what to do?

    This article is for you!


    ✔️ Confirm your account

    We advise you to validate your email address as soon as possible, so that everything is in order and your applications are well kept!
    As soon as you have created your account, a window invites you to validate your account on an email that was sent to you by us. 




    Here are the details of the validation email:

    Address: ""

    Subject of email: "Welcome





    ⛑️ You have troubles to confirm your account?

    You haven't received any email?

    It might happen that your mailbox considers as Spam email from our support address. Don't worry, and follow those process:


    - manually confirm your account clicking on  ➡️ this link ⬅️

    - contact us at this address: or directly in the widget assistance


    You entered a wrong email address?

    It is not possible for us internally to send you an account validation email or to validate your account if you registered with the wrong email address.
    The easiest solution is to create a new account and apply again, explaining why you are applying twice for the same job.