Best tips in Member's profile edition

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    Once on Welcome Home, go to your personal profile

    Menu > My profile > Edit ✏️


    On the edit page, you can customise your Welcome Home profile with blocks making your profile unique. Feel free in the way you introduce yourself to your colleagues, blocks are unlimited.


    Have a redirecting block with a link

    Insert a link in the main link field to make your block clickable. You can add any type of link (address, videos).
    Links open in a new tab


    💡What to present with redirecting blocks?


    • A link to your corporate or side project

    • A link to a video that strikes you (remember to include an image caption to make it stand out)

    • A link to your favorite media (Welcome to the Jungle ?)


    Have a block with Images or GIF

    You can add in each of your blocks an images or a GIF.
    ⚠️ The image or the GIF needs to be stored in your compurer so that you can drop it in Welcome Home.
    Click first on "Add an image"

    Then browse or drag the file that is stored in your computer.

    🤓To add several images or GIFs to a bloc, you can use Markdown synthax in the text this way : !(nomduGif)[adresseURLdugif.gif]


    💡What to present with images in blocks?

    • Your favourite photos in the workplace

    • A photo from a good memory during your last teambuilding

    • The iconic dialogue in GIF from your favourite movie/series


    Have a text block using Markdown Syntax


    Feel free to be creative in the text content of your blocks. All elements of the Makdwon Syntax are available in Welcome Home blocks (lists, links, titles...)

    If you are not fluent in Markdown, don't worry, a text formatting bar is available.


    Here is a block in edit mode with Markdown Syntax


    Here is the result of Mardown Syntax on your Welcome Home profile


    💡What to present with the text in your blocks?

    • The list of websites where you do sector watch

    • The list of influencers to follow

    • The last part of a Greta Thunberg's speech that touched you

    • The last job you did before you arrived here

    • The project you were the happiest to work on

    • The funniest moment in your current organisation

    It's up to you now!