Having trouble logging into your Welcome Originals account? 🚫

Table of contents

    💡 Forgot your password, or can't login to your Welcome Originals account? This article is for you!


    ⚠️  If you have forgotten your password

    • Click on "Forgot password" 
    • Enter your Welcome Originals account address to receive an email with a code to reset your password. 


    • Fill in the code received by email and enter your new password 


    • Once your password has been successfully reset, log in! 


    ⚠️  If you do not receive an email to enter your password

    • You are probably trying to log in with a different address than your Welcome Originals account
      💡 Depending on whether you are trying to connect from the app, or from the website, it is possible that the email address you entered when registering is not the same (Google, Apple, or third party address).


    • If necessary, test your different email addresses (personal & professional) to reset your password. 
    • If after trying all possible addresses you are not successful


    ⚠️  If you access an error page

    You reach an error page, please inform us with a screenshot so we can solve the problem


    🆘 You can contact us on the support widget at the bottom right!