Redirect applications towards an external ATS ➡️

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    You have another ATS than Welcome Kit, and want to receive applications from WTTJ in it?


    Your account manager or the support team must be notified so that he activates the necessary field for you to redirect the applications. Once this is done,  a new field will appear in your job creation form: in section 2.3; allowing you to redirect candidates to another website after they click on the "Apply" button. 


    You will then just have to paste the URL of your job postings when creating / editing an offer, at the end of section 2, in the field "2.3 Redirect your candidates to an external ATS".



    When adding a new link (or deleting an existing one), it takes a few minutes for the manipulation to take effect.


    The GIF below shows you what happens for candidates when they are redirected somewhere else than WTTJ.