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    🔒 To add new Members you need to be Administrator or Contributor


    Members have to be linked with an Office and a Team.
    Adding members should never be your first step during Welcome Home Setup.

    📺 Tutorial - Step 2 - Add Members



    Add members one at a time

    Go to and click on the +New button on the top right > Select New Member


    For each member added with this method basic informations are needed : office, teams, profession, and work birthday.

    🌱 This method is perfect to add your first Contributors or Administrators to help you during setup.


    Add multiple members

    Go to > Settings > Members


    By clicking on Import Multiple Members a popup invites you to add a list of emails.

    Hit Confirm and members will be invited to join Welcome Home.

    On their first login they are pushed to fill their profile by themselves.



    Add members via Slack Sync

    Go to > Settings > Slack Sync


    If you want to import your Slack members to Welcome Home the first step is to connect the two apps.


    Click on launch a Slack Sync : 
    - The sync is not permanent, only works when launched from the settings.

    - No data is erased in Slack or Welcome Home
    - Members in WH and Slack are updated with missing informations available in Slack
    - Members in Slack but not in WH are created in Welcome home with available information from Slack.

    Available information that are checked within Slack : email, first name, name, profession, profile picture


    🔖 You can launch Sync at any time and study the details of the content imported in Welcome Home to make sure there was no mistake.




    Add members with a spreadsheet

    If you have a complex organisation or you want to control all your members infos in Welcome Home you can send us data to import via a spreadsheet.

    🤓This option is for advanced users familiar with spreadsheet formatting


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