Step 4 - Add Tools

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    🔒 To add a new team or sub-team, you need to be a Contributor or an Administrator.


    Tools are one of the most important Welcome Home features if you want to share information across all levels of your organization and help newcomers in their onboarding process.


    Add your first tools during setup, but make sure to get help from your co-admins and contributors to make a comprehensive list of all the tools used across your teams.



    Add Tools

    To add your first tool in Welcome Home, click Tools in the header menu and then "Create my first tool".


    The +New button can also be used to add more tools at any time.



    More info about tools


    Tools can be used at two level :

    Global tools across the organization (Slack, Notion ...) or tools used by specific teams (Pipedrive, Zendesk...).


    Important informations to add with each tools :

    • Which member can grant access to this tool ?
    • How does each team use this tool ?
    • Best practices for newcomers with this tool ?


    You will see that once you add the tools URL, we automatically add some basics info about the tool.


    Once completed, a tool information page could be like this:

    Teams tool list:

    Import Tools with an external document

    In case, you would need to import a large amount of tools at once in Welcome Home, you can send us a spreadsheet to import.

    Access Importation File:

    We recommend that you use Google Spreadsheets to fill it out.
    ✅  If you have Google Spreadsheet, login to your account and click on "Make a copy" in your personal Drive storage.
    ❌  If you don't have Google Spreadsheet, download the xlsx file - some auto-fills won't work in Excel..


    Once completed, send the document to  or use the chat in Welcome Home.


    Discover Tools - A webinar to learn more about the feature

    Sorry for the euhms in the audio it is a work in progress 🤓