Informing applicants that the consent period for retaining their personal data is about to end πŸŽ™οΈ

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    Two automatic emails will be sent to your applicants two months and one month respectively before the end of the consent period for retaining their personal data.

    • Two months before, an initial automatic email will prompt the applicant to renew their consent to their personal data being retained in your database.
    • If they do not reply, one month before, a repeat request will be sent.
    • Finally, if they do not reply after this second request, their personal data will be automatically deleted, making their application anonymous.

    To find the contents of these two automatic emails in the Legal & Compliance section of the Settings tab on your Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS dashboard.

    If necessary, you can edit them by clicking the Edit button in the "Data Retention Settings" section.



    Please note that applicants added manually will have their data anonymised at the end of the retention period set by your organisation, but will not receive an email notifying them that their personal data has been deleted.


    Finally, the end of the consent period was set as 31/12/2018 for all applications dating from before 31/12/2016.