What to do if an offer does not appear on your page online? πŸ’‘

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    πŸ’‘ If your job posting is indicated as published, and it does not appear on your career website and/or Welcome to the Jungle, here is a checklist to fix it :

    1 - Check it is broadcast on it ? 

    The edition form allows you to publish your offers on  

    • your Welcome to the Jungle profile
    • your career site generated by Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS
    • one of the job boards partners of Welcome to the Jungle (Hub BPI, StartHer, Station F, ...).

    ⚠️  If none of these media is checked, your offer will be considered as published but will not be visible to candidates.



    2 -  Edit & refresh the status of the job posting 

    Another tips to try is to set the job offer as a draft or to archive it, and republish it. 
    Once you have changed the status of the offer, wait 5 minutes before republishing it. 
    Changes made will appear in a few minutes, once the cache has been cleared (Shift + F5 for Windows and CMD/CTRL + Shift + R for Mac).


    3 - Contact us

    If none of these techniques work, we invite you to contact your account manager or contact us in the chat.