Set up the tracking of applications in Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS πŸ“Š

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    πŸ’‘ If you publish your job offers on other platforms other than Welcome to the Jungle this article explains in 3 steps how to track your recruitment campaigns! 


    1 - Candidate experience: a long way until application

    Depending on the profiles you are looking for, the urgent need for recruitment or your field of activity, there is a good chance that you will publish your ads on several job boards.

    Each job board where you post your ad becomes a source of applications that you want to analyze to calculate the impact of this website on your recruitment.

    From these job sites, by clicking on the "Apply" or "Reply to this ad" buttons, the candidate triggers an action that will allow you to get in touch: the opening of a reply form, an email window, a new web page and sometimes the redirection to another page to apply.  We call the website on which this contact is initiated "the source of the application".

    The website that is identified as the source of applications is not all that drives your candidate to apply in your organization.

    The data you can obtain on the source of applications is to be crossed with the different sources of information of your candidates (corporate website, Welcome to the Jungle...), your offline recruitment campaigns or your brand communication.

    Analyzing the success of your recruitment campaigns therefore requires implementing in your recruitment a questionnaire usually proposed to new recruits (see the article dedicated to the subject on our media).


    2 - Create your career site

    To track the origin of your applications you need to create a PRO or STARTER career site (setting up a career site is included in your Welcome to the Jungle subscription, here is the dedicated article).

    These career sites are natively integrated with our ATS Welcome to the Jungle Solutions to allow you to centralize applications and track statistics.

    Once this career site is in place, you should use it as a "redirection hub" for your ads.

    On each offer posted on the job boards, you will need to add a link to the specific offer on your career site (except for Welcome to the Jungle which is directly linked to the ATS Welcome to the Jungle Solutions). 

    🀯 Each job board has its own way of working: you may need to contact the support of the relevant platform to ask them to activate "the redirection field for applications to an external form".

    The objective is that on each job site where your offers are published, when a candidate clicks on "Apply", a web window opens towards the corresponding offer, available on your career site.

    3 - Set up "tracking" on applications

    Don't give up, you're almost there πŸ˜…

    Now all you need to do is to set up the tracking of your application sources - to know the websites where candidates click "APPLY" the most.

    Go to the job board of your choice, specifically in the URL field that redirects candidates:

    • Copy the URL link of the offer available on your career site (  
    • Add a "referrer" variable at the end of the URL which includes the name of the application source: ?referrer=XXX (XXX corresponding to the name of the job site as you will be able to analyze in Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS)

    The entire link that you post on a job site (Linkedin for this example) must therefore be: add to career site + ? + referrer= + name of the source where the ad is posted


    ⚠️  4 important things to know:
    1/ You can add as many "referrers" for each of your job sites. They will all be visible in the analysis of your data on Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS.

    2/ The referrer only works on the job links on your Career site, it will not work on the homepage!

    3/ However, be careful to keep a clear and understandable structure between your teams so you don't end up with too many "referrers" for the same source (Linkedin, Lkdn, linked-in...)

    4/ Be careful not to direct candidates to Welcome to the Jungle: "tracking" with a "referrer" variable only works on career sites.


    Here is an example of how to set up tracking: 


    πŸ‘‰  Now that everything is connected, find out in this article how to retrieve and analyze application sources from the ATS Welcome Kit.  


    πŸ†˜ If you still have questions or doubts, you can contact us via the chat widget on the button right, or via our contact form at this link