Add Offices and Teams

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    Offices and Teams should be the first things you create on Welcome Home as they are needed to add members.

    📺 Tutorial - Create Offices & Teams


    Add an Office

    🔒 To add new Offices and access your platform settings you need to be an Administrator.


    Offices are needed content to be linked with members

    To add an office, go to > Settings > Offices


    In the settings tab you can create new offices or edit existing one.

    For remote workers no need to create a "remote office", remote is an option to tick in all members profiles.



    Add a Team

    🔒 To add a new team or sub-team, you need to be a Contributor or an Administrator.


    For each Team, choose between Core Team or Sub Team

    There can be as many sub team level as needed for your organisation


    Go to and click on the +New button on the top right > Select New team