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    Why has Chrome Extension been created ?

    If you find the manual import of candidates annoying ? And even more the copy-pasting of job posting on different job boards? 

    Good news!

    The Chrome extension is a bonus feature that Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS provides to recruiters to earn some time. This extension does not automate any action, and is custom-developed on the sites with which it works.

    When these sites make updates (structural or not), it is possible that it stops working while we upgrade it. If it leagues for several minutes without success this may be the case, you can bring it up on the chat. It may take several days/weeks before the problem is solved depending on the modification made, so we thank you in advance for warning us, and for your understanding. 

    ⚠️ You can note that the language of the Chrome extension depends on the language of your browser.


    Adding an applicant using the Chrome Extension

    We provide a Chrome extension linked to Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS so you can easily import candidates you find on different sites in just a few clicks.

    To download and add it to your Chrome browser, simply click this link

    You can watch this short video that will help you use perfectly our extension.

    Currently, the Chrome extension can import candidate profiles from the following websites:

    • LinkedIn

    • StackOverflow


    • Twitter

    • Viadeo


    Posting your jobs to other platforms with the Chrome extension

    The Chrome extension allows you to pre-fill job forms for the following sites: 

    • Indeed

    • LinkedIn


    πŸ†˜  If you want to publish your offers on APEC or if you have questions about the Chrome Extension, you can contact us on the WTTJ Solutions ATS tchat.