How to add or/& delete offices ?

Table of contents

     To add an office > Go to the Settings > Company > Office> Yellow button " Add an office". 


    ⚠️ If you cannot add an office because the button "Save" seems lock, it might be due to the localisation on Google Maps. Try to delete the number of the office, and if it still does not work, ask us on the tchat. 


    Once a job is linked to the new office, your company's office will appear in the header of your Welcome to the Jungle showcase, as well as in the search engine filters in the location section:


    2- Delete office


     To delete an office > Go to the Settings > Company > Office. 


    ⚠️ Please note you can only delete offices without any jobs linked to them (active and archived jobs). 

    For example, in the gif below, only the Toulon can be deleted since it has no job offers. Here is how to do it: