Open access to your collaborators πŸ”‘

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    As an administrator of the Welcome Originals account, you can invite your collaborators to join the platform in two different ways: 

    - Either by creating your personalized invitation page

    - Or by adding their email address directly in the tool


    Option 1 - Invite your collaborators to visit your invitation page

    1 - The company's invitation page

    Every company has a personalized invitation page with a logo and text to be customized (see the two boxed areas below). This Welcome Originals invitation page is a personalized landing page, which allows employees via a permanent link to create an access to Welcome Originals.  



    This invitation page is specific to each company and is the entry key for employees to Welcome Originals.

    The URL for this page (specific to each company) is made up as follows:'company/invite/codeuniquesecret

    πŸ”’ This link is therefore reserved for the company's employees: it is not intended to be shared outside this circle. 


    2 - Set up the invitation page

    The setting of this page allows you to add a personalized message from the company to give more context to the collaborators.

    This link can be disabled and/or reset easily; to ensure that only your collaborators will use it.  



    To share this link, click on the "Member" button on the left side of the banner, then click on the black "Copy" button. All you have to do is distribute this link to the right place!

    πŸ‘ The advantage of this invitation option is that the company is in control of all its communication: it only has to send the link of the page to its employees via an email from the management, a newsletter from the HR department, a good news in Slack (....) and it's done!


    3 - Employee side

    To access Welcome Originals, and activate their license, employees will only have to click on the link that was sent to them, and on the yellow "sign up" button. To activate their license, they will only need to add the email address and set up their password to activate their license.



    Option 2 - Add the email addresses of each employee in Welcome Originals

    A - Adding email addresses

    This option allows you to send invitations from Welcome Originals to the collaborators of your choice. 

    This option requires that you have the list of email addresses of your collaborators at hand. 

    Click on the "Member" button in the left banner, then on the yellow "Invite collaborators" button in the top right corner.


    A popup window will open, in which you will only have to insert the list of email addresses concerned. 



    B - Collaborator side

    Each collaborator will receive an email inviting him/her to join Welcome Originals and to activate his/her invitation. The collaborator who has not activated his license with this option will receive two automatic reminder emails.

    One of the advantages of choosing this option is that the emails are sent directly from Welcome Originals, and you don't have to manage the reminders to the collaborators: they are automatic.



    To create their accesses from this email the collaborators will be guided - a few clicks, and it's done. 


    πŸ†˜ Need assistance? Contact us via the contact widget on the bottom right!