If recruiting was like a matching app 🤫

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    We are delighted to assist you in the creation of your job offers 🤗 
    Generally perceived as a daunting task, job postings as well as the presentation of your company are key to your employer branding and to attract the  candidates that fit best for you.

    About the importance of taking care of your offers:

    - An offer that is meticulous in every detail (sector, location, type of contract...), with the perfect job titles, will allow you to attract the right candidates. 

    - A structured & sufficiently developed offer will allow the selected candidates to prepare their interviews with relevance and to understand perfectly the stakes of the position. 

    - A job offer with a well-defined / structured job description and precise missions is an element that will help reduce turnover in your teams. Indeed, the hired candidate will be enthusiastic and motivated if they have been able to correctly project themselves in the job.

    - Finally, job offers broadcast to the right channel / social media will help you quickly find the right talent. 


    Our guide specialized on job offers will help you find best practices for those different key points. 


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