Edit a job offer and refresh its publication date πŸ“†

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    1 - Edit a published job posting  

    Edit the job description and other fields  

    It is of course possible to edit, and restructure a job posting even if it has been published (for instance if missions change, if you have constructive feedback from candidates...).

    To edit a job posting, go to the dashboard, find your offer > Click on Edit > 1. Job Description;

    πŸ’‘ All the modifications made will appear a few minutes after saving, after you emptied your browser cache (SHIFT + F5 for Windows or CMD + SHIFT + R for MAC).

    If you have used Markdown syntax to put items in bold, title, italics, and you see mistakes; check that there are no spaces before the asterisks "*" : everything is precisely described in this article.


    Modify a job offer's URL 

    The title of an offer is directly linked to its URL. If you have modified the title of an offer, the old URL will stay live in order to avoid 404 (redirection errors).

    For example, if you edit an old offer to use it for a new job : From "Sales manager" to  "Intern in Marketing", the URL of the new job will not be related.

    ⚠️ You cannot change the URL of a job posting!

    You have to duplicate the Job Posting, and EDIT the title before saving the new job posting. Click on "Save & Preview" to obtain the new URL address.

    Please watch the GIF below to understand what you should do:



    Change the "Who are they" section of a job offer

    By default the description of the company in your offers within Welcome to the Jungle is the same description you have in your organisation profile.

    But for specific cases, you can use Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS to edit the description for a specific offer.

    From Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS, to customize the description of a given offer, go to the editing form and click on the text : "Replace the company description for this job offer". 



    2 - Change the status of an offer

    Change the status of a job offer

    To set a job posting as draft or archive it, you have to select the option on the dropdown menu at the bottom right and select the correct action



    • Set as draft = The offer go back in the "Active Offers" section but remain invisible for candidates.
    • Publish = The offer go back in the "Active Offers" section and will be live on Welcome to the Jungle / your Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS career website.
    • Archive = The offer is removed from all website and removed from your "Active Offers".


    Refresh the publication date of a job offer

    To update the offer publication date, you have to change the status from Published, to Draft, or Archive, and repeat the manipulation in the opposite direction (see screenshot below)! 



    You are not limited in the number of job posting you can publish with Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS, and we advice you to update them regularly so candidates know there are still available. Depending on the period and the offer, we advise you to refresh an offer where you have not yet found the gem approximately every 15 days.

     βš οΈ You need to find the right balance and not refresh the job offers everyday. Candidates who are actively looking for work do not want to see this job posting on every search they do, particularly if their profile has not been selected. Posting your offer too often can seriously damage your employer branding. We recommend a frequency of 15 days :)


    πŸ†˜ If you still have questions or doubts, you can contact us via the chat widget on the button right, or via our contact form at this link


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