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    πŸ’‘ More than 14,000 offers appear on Welcome to the Jungle on a daily basis, and the platform counts nearly 1.7 M applications / month (July 2020). It is essential for an HR team to understand how offers on Welcome to the Jungle are structured before publishing them in order to get the best out of them and attract the right talents. 


    1 - On the candidate's side

    A candidate looking for a dream job out of 14,000 job ads will most of the time make great use of the filters to save time.



    For your information, you can also watch a candidate entire process of application on Welcome to the Jungle below: 


    2 - The global structure of offers on Welcome to the Jungle 

    Most of the job posting on β‰  patforms and job boards have a similar structure nowadays. Find some precisions on the different parts of an announce on Welcome to the Jungle below:



    A lot of information complete the text body of a job offer. 

    1/ The "Profession" field allows you to guide the candidate in his global search.

    Those professions are updated very frequently to make sure you will be able to match your offers with one of those.

    mceclip2.png                                          mceclip3.png*


    ⚠️ All of the professions listed are classified inside main categories such as "Business, Media, Health, Tech..."


    2/ The "Office" field is mandatory to locate the offer during the candidate search.

    The offices of your company can also be seen in the header of your Welcome to the Jungle showcase: .mceclip1.png

    To add an Office go to WK > click Settings > Company > Offices. Then simply click on the yellow "New Office" button.

    Text Blocks

    Offers are built with 4 sections. It is possible to design some elements, with bold, italics, list, titles... The block order cannot be reversed and the first 3 sections are mandatory.


    1/ About

    By default, about displays the same company presentation as your Welcome tot the Jungle showcase. You can overwrite it for every offer by clicking on "replace the company description for this job offer":


    2/ Job Description

    🏁 This is the most important part of the offer, detailing all the missions awaiting the candidate. 🏁

    This block will allow the candidate to project himself, and to prepare his interviews.

    We advise you to take the time to consult offers similar to yours to check what the market does.


    3/ Requirements 

    This place allows recruiters to detail the qualities required for the candidates.

    You should pay attention to not discourage candidates with some overwhelming requirements. You should chose the most important ones and add some in the future if candidates really don't match with you expectations. 


    4/ Recruitment process 

    This optional block is used to communicate to candidates the application process, and the steps they will go through if they are chosen to go further in the process.


    Items Specific to WTTJ 

    1/ The Photo Carousel  πŸ“·

    The photographs that appear in the Welcome to the Jungle job carousel just before the Job Description section are a random selection from all the photographs in the showcase. Here is an example of a showcase.

    2/ Video Interviews πŸŽ₯

    A playlist of video interviews also appear at the end of the offers, in a section called: "Discover the team of XXX". 

    ⚠️ Please note that it is not possible to select a specific video for a job posting.

    πŸ’¬ If you want to remove a photo or change the order of the videos, we invite you to contact us on the widget at the bottom right. 


    3 - Focus on Spontaneous Applications 

    By default Welcome to the Jungle publishes a spontaneous application 'offer'. The appearance of this offer varies in comparison with the regular offers:



    Every company can archive it, or set it as a draft.


    ⚠️ The offer does not contain description nor requirements.


    πŸ†˜ If you have any further questions, you can contact us on the support widget at the bottom right!


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