First Tour of Welcome Kit 🌎

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    When you first connect on Welcome Kit, you arrive on the Welcome Screen


    mceclip4.png1 - Jobs

    When you first connect, you directly land on the "Jobs" tab with all published and draft offers ranked by team. Job offers that you don't see in this list have been archived. You can consult directly from this view the state of the offers and the total of applications for each. 


    mceclip3.png2 - Settings

    Here is the section that will help you set-up your account



    3 - Applications

    To consult applications you have two possibilities:

    • Click on the tab > Applicants > You will see all the candidates who ever applied to your job offers with Welcome Kit (restricted members have a limited view among all candidates)
    • Go to any Job offers  > Find Candidates in the pipeline. 



    4 - Analytics

    Get details on your recruiting  stats. 

    • Click on the tab > Analytics.


    ⚠️ No content can be deleted from within Welcome Kit : Job offers can be Archived or set in Draft, and candidates can only be Archived (not visible in the dashboard or jobs pipeline) or Anonymized (their personal data is deleted from our database).   

    📺 Tutorial - If you want to discover all our webinars, visit this article


    🆘 If you have any further questions, you can contact us on the support widget at the bottom right!


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