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    πŸ’‘ This article treats 3 subjects to consider before launching Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS making sure you will get the most out of this recruiting tool !

    πŸ”’ Please note, this article refers to several features limited to certain subscriptions. If you want to talk with our sales team to update your subscription, write us on the support widget!


    1 - Build a unified recruitment process

    • Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS allows you to customize in a very intuitive way the recruitment stages to be followed by candidates. A default path can be edited for all offers. Take advantage of Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS launch in your organisation to rethink your different stages of recruitment, and get rid of unnecessary ones. 
    • Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS being a collaborative tool, you have an unlimited number of user licenses. This is the opportunity to determine which collaborators should have access to the tool, with which user roles, and decide who should get involved for each stages of your recruitment process.
    • Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS allows you to collaborate between recruiters directly on the candidates application making it possible to easily share notes during interviews.

    2 - Use Welcome to the Jungle Solutions : ATS to treat all your candidates fairly


    • Take advantage of Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS in your organisation to adopt essential rules for the processing of applications. One of the most important part of employer branding is the way candidates are treated. We are convinced that each candidate deserves particular attention and the same treatment regardless of the offer or the recruiter. 
    • To guide recruiters in managing applications, Welcome to the Jungle Solutions: ATS allows you to create an evaluation grid based on precise criteria and a way to weight the different job prerequisites to ensure equal treatment for all. 
    • Welcome to the Jungle Solutions: ATS allows you to take notes during interviews, vote, and make comments. Establishing from now on the shape of your interviews and the voting criteria will ensure fairness in the treatment of applications with each recruiters. 
    • Each department of a company should be efficient with the rate and response time to candidates.  Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS allows you to customize the stages of your offers, to set up emails templates for quick communications.
    • Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS is also here to help you track these statistics in time by offers and recruiters in order to improve them. 


    3 - Define where to share your employer branding content to gather all your applications in WTTJ Solutions ATS

    • You will need to identify the different possible origins of the candidates you would like to attract in order to establish solid KPIs from the outset of Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS use.
    • Once you will have identified on which platform, job board or social media you will broadcast your job offers,  you should decide where candidates need to "land" once they clicked on apply: will they apply from Welcome to the Jungle, from your corporate website, from your career website...?
    • Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS lets you free to manage where to publish your offers. As the number of offers to create is unlimited, establish right now the frequency at which you wish to share and republish these offers, in order to indicate to candidates that these offers are not filled yet. 


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