Add your teams information on Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS πŸ–‡οΈ

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    The number of offers you can post on Welcome to the Jungle is unlimited such as your user licences. This is why one of the first setup we ask you to do, is to setup global teams.

    πŸ”’ To create teams on Welcome Kit, you should have admin rights. 


    1 - Do the right choice in your offers categorization

    Before creating, and publishing multiple job offers, you should first decide how you want to organise your job offers making it easier for your recruiting teams and candidates.

    Offers can be classified :

    • through organisation teams
    • through contract type
    • through seniority level
    • through offices... 

    In Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS, Teams is the name given to those offers groups.

    To chose the right solution, you have to put yourself in the shoes of occasional Welcome Kit users who will have to connect once per week only in order to check 2 offers :

    πŸ€” what would be the more practical for them ?  will they have to give their opinion on all candidates for one specific offer, or will they have to be aware of what is happening on every sector ....?

    You should discuss with your recruiting team what to do, depending on the volume of offers you will publish, and your actual organisation. 

    This offer classification will be visible on your Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS dashboard as seen above, and also on your career website as below. If you don't have any career website yet, click here to discover how to get one.


    2 - Create the teams

    To create & edit the team teams, click on Settings (top left) > Company  > select Teams > Yellow button "Create a new team"



    You can add as many teams as you want, and make a team visible or hidden and rename it by clicking on the team.


    Job offers get linked to a team during the creation form, in the first section. If no team is chosen, the job offer will be automatically classified in the team called "Other".


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