Setup your credit card information on Welcome Kit πŸ’³

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    πŸ’‘ During Welcome Kit setup, you need to fill in your billing informations based on the payment method you prefer. There are 3 types of billing options based on your history with Welcome to the Jungle. 


    1 - Welcome Kit billing options 

    Welcome Kit is included in your Welcome to the Jungle subscription. You have two possibilities of payments

    • Annual Payment: Invoice is sent to your accounting team for wire transfer
    • Monthly Payment: We use Stripe to debit your credit card monthly

    If you don't have any Welcome to the Jungle subscription,  skip this step.

    If you did not choose the Monthly Payment, you can directly jump to the third step of your Welcome Kit setup 


    2 - Set up your Monthly Payment in Welcome Kit

    πŸ”’ To access Welcome Kit billing settings, you need to be logged-in and have the admin status. 

    On Welcome Kit first setup, a banner will invite you to access Billing Settings to add a valid credit card and fill in you payment information.

    To access Billing Settings in Welcome Kit, click on your company logo to access Settings menu > Select Billing

    ⚠️ Entering your credit card details automatically triggers your annual subscription first payment.

    The next payments will be made on this card automatically every month.

    No credit card information is stored in Welcome Kit, the payment is managed and secured by Stripe

    πŸ’‘ To download all your invoices, this article will guide you.


    πŸ†˜ If you have any further questions, you can contact us on the support widget at the bottom right!