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    💡 If you have writer's block, this article is for you! We'll give you all our tips for getting started with your Welcome to the Jungle team presentation texts.


    The link to your Profile tab is the primary destination on search engines, which means it's the first page on which visitors interested in your company will land.

    The aim is to attract the attention and curiosity of candidates with an engaging, clear presentation! Your profile should make candidates want to find out more about you, and ideally take action by submitting their application to join you!


    ✍️ Why fill in the general information?

    Add your business sectors

    You can add one, two or three sectors of activity. We strongly recommend that you choose 3 sectors of activity, as it will enable you to appear in the maximum number of search filters.

    When you consider that 20% of job searches are carried out using filters, we understand the importance of this requirement.

    💡 The sectors of activity have been set up with the LinkedIn referential, to simplify the search process for candidates.

    Add your website and social networks

    If candidates want to visit your website in addition to your Welcome to the Jungle profile, they have quick and direct access to the “View site” link that appears below your company name.

    The same applies to your social networks, which appear in the top right-hand corner under the heading “They're social”. Candidates can then click and choose to follow you on all or some of your networks.

    💡 The link to your LinkedIn profile is a must in this professional environment.

    Add your office address

    You can choose which cities are displayed (or not) on your profile using this feature.

    Note that the offices you display on your profile will be the ones from which candidates' geographic search filters will be taken into account.

    ⚠️ This information will be requested during the first phase of your Onboarding on the platform! Don't hesitate to consult this other article which explains step by step how to configure your organization's information.

    It will also be possible to modify your profile to enhance it later on.


    📝 How do I write the text in the Profile tab?

    In the next 3 sections, it's important to write in the 3rd person since Welcome to the Jungle introduces candidates to your company.

    Writing the “Presentation” section

    From the first sentence, the candidate must understand what you do.

    ⚠️ If a candidate doesn't understand in 3 seconds who you are and what you do, they'll leave your profile and go to another.

    Use simple words and short sentences.

    We recommend proceeding in small blocks of paragraphs, for instance:

    • explain your mission
    • explain who your customers are
    • explain your ambitions
    • explain your challenges

    If this suits your tone, add emojis to make your text more dynamic.

    You can also put the most important facts in bold, which will help candidates who read "diagonally" to capture the key elements of your company.


     Write the "What they're looking for" section

    In this section, candidates need to understand your recruitment challenges. What you mention here will help candidates feel they belong when applying for your company.

    You can talk about the profiles you're looking for from several perspectives. Choose the one that best matches your corporate culture:

    • soft-skills or cross-disciplinary skills (e.g. people who are dynamic and curious)
    • hard-skills or technical skills (e.g. iOs mobile developers)
    • field of expertise(e.g. mechanics, painters, quality engineers, sales people, buyers)
    • level of experience(e.g.: experts, juniors and also returnees)

    Writing the "Good to know" section

    This is a fairly free section in terms of content, where you express what makes you unique. That little something extra will make the candidate smile, and think: "... and on top of that, they do this 🤩 “.

    You can mention, among other things:

    • a label you've obtained (e.g.: ISO 9001 label since 2018)
    • an employee perk you're particularly proud of (e.g.: one of the first companies to adopt the Parental Act)
    • the values that bring you together
    • team rituals

    For your information, we provide you with an Employer Brand Assets Library, where you can check off the labels and employee benefits you offer. They will then be added to the Profile tab of your profile for maximum visibility to candidates!



    💡 Don't hesitate to add emojis in this section to get closer to the candidates.


    🔢  Why fill in the key figures?

    On every company profile, the key figures block is standardized to offer a consistent reading grid to candidates; it will help them catch your company's key dates and indicators at a glance.

    The key figures block is made up of the following indicators:

    • year founded
    • number of employees
    • parity
    • average age
    • revenue
    • professional equality index (see how to add here

    All key figures are **not mandatory**. If you decide to leave a field blank, then the indicator will not be displayed on your profile.

    However, we do recommend that you fill in the maximum number of key figures, to ensure confidence and transparency with candidates (yes, even turnover).


    💡 Please note that the questions & answers at the bottom of the page, designed to optimize search engine optimization, are automatically generated from the key figures you fill in!



    🆘 If you have any further questions, you can contact us on the support widget at bottom right, or on the contact form at this link.