Add a private comment on a candidate record 🤫

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    💡 You need to communicate specific information to part of your recruiting team, this article is for you!

     🧐 Understanding how private comments work

    When it comes to hiring, it's not unusual for certain sensitive information to be communicated only to specific team members, or for decisions to need to be validated with your managers. Good news: the “private comment” feature facilitates exchanges within your team!

    This feature is available to users with the Administrator role (at ATS product level). When you publish a private comment, only users with this role will view and reply to your comment.

    FYI, this article shows you how to change a user's role on Welcome to the Jungle Solutions.


    ✍️ Writing a private comment

    Trigger private mode

    Adding a private comment is easy! Once you're on the candidate profile of your choice, go to the "Activity" box on the right-hand side of the screen.

    If you wish to make your comment private, click on the option available in the text field before sending the comment:


    ⚠️ Only Administrators (at ATS product level) will have access to this option and will be able to view all confidential comments published on the ATS.

    Visibility of your private comment within the ATS

    Before sending your comment, you can check which of your collaborators will have access to it. By clicking on the "information" icon, you'll see the details of these users:


    As with regular comments, you can also notify a collaborator directly by using the "@" symbol before entering his/her first and last name.

    ⚠️ Please note that confidential comments can be viewed by all Administrators, but you cannot restrict the reading of the comment to a specific person within your team.

    When your private comment is published, it will be framed in yellow with a " lock " symbol.


    Of course, you can always edit or delete your private comment if you need to!


    A few tips

    Although these comments are only visible to some of your colleagues, we advise you to always write your comments ethically, respectfully and responsibly! 🧡

    The information in the “Activity” area should remain purely objective. Make sure you only enter information that you can present and stand behind.

    Now you know all the secrets of this feature! We hope it will simplify collaboration with your peers and communication around your next recruitment.


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