Compatibility test: Better understand our approach and the benefits for your employer brand 🤩

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    💡 Now that you've understood how to create and distribute your compatibility test, we'd like to tell you more about it! This article goes into detail about our approach to building this test and its impact on your employer brand.


    The benefits of this test for your employer brand 🌈

    By assessing your corporate culture through this test, you offer candidates a way to better understand what makes your company unique and attractive. This deeper understanding enables you to give your corporate culture a more prominent place in the recruitment process, helping candidates to project themselves and make informed decisions.

    It also offers you 4 key benefits for your recruitment strategies:
    - Cohesion and qualified candidates: attract the candidates who best match your teams' way of working, for smooth, enthusiastic integrations.
    - Time savings: better-prepared candidates for interviews who already have a first level of information about the way you work.
    - Authenticity: demonstrate your transparency and your desire to reveal the reality of your teams' day-to-day experience.
    - Attractiveness: make yourself stand out from the crowd by displaying this information, and put an end to potential

    Better understand our approach 🕵️

    1. A unique way to highlight your company's culture The "Compatibility Test" asset gives candidates a better understanding of your company's environment and culture, enabling them to attract more relevant profiles.
The results appear as a percentage of compatibility according to six themes.

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      These six fundamental themes cover a wide range of aspects of corporate culture, values and specific behaviors that rule your organization’s employee experience. Each dimension of these themes is intended to be neutral and non-judgmental, enabling your future candidates to project themselves into a company aligned with their own aspirations. The Compatibility Test helps candidates identify which of your company's values match their search and personality. 

    2. Created and validated with experts Welcome to the Jungle has surrounded itself with experts to design a test that is accessible, while guaranteeing results aligned with real-life situations.
One of these experts is Marc Gauthier, a specialist in business management assistance. His people-centered methodology and ability to build trust have contributed to the success of numerous teams and improved organizational performance.
In addition, all information and results are reviewed by our professional editors, guaranteeing the relevance and accuracy of the results.

    Description of the six themes and dimensions 🧮

    1) Working method

    This characteristic is related to how companies are organized. Some like to prepare beforehand to ensure the quality or their work, while others prefer adapting their processes or even improvising, because it grants them more freedom.


    2) Risk-taking 

    This characteristic is related to how companies see innovation. Some like to change their habits and start new projects, while others prefer to stick to their process as they have proved to secure their work.

    3) Mindset

    This characteristic is related to the balance between the results expected and the accompaniment or employees. These two objectives are not necessarily opposed, but one of them is often stronger than the other.


    4) Hierarchy 

    This characteristic is related to how decisions are made and how responsibilities are allocated. Some companies have leaders who make decisions that have to be accepted by the teams, while others are more collective.


    5) Formality

    This characteristic describes how people interact with each other. Some companies prefer sharing information in dedicated moments, and adhere to certain behaviors and dress codes necessary to fit in. Others like to adopt a more relaxed attitude so people can come as they are.


    6) Rhythm 

    This characteristic describes the speed with which the company evolves. In progressive companies, changes in organization and methods are frequent, as are career evolutions. In stable companies, these changes are rarer and slower, and career evolutions take longer.

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