Get ready for your videoshoot & photoshoot πŸ“Ή

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    ✨ Your shooting date is confirmed? Perfect! Now here are a few tips to help your teams get ready before D-day.


    πŸ“Έ What's happening during the photoshoot? 

    Get ready for the D-Day

    Your Welcome to the Jungle profile enables you to highlight your work spaces, such as your open-space, your meeting rooms... It's also the showcase of your team life, your different rituals and also moments of exchange like the coffee break! β˜•οΈ


    The photoshoot lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour! To make it a nice moment for your teams, here are a few tips for preparation in the weeks preceeding the photoshoot:

    • Identify 4 or 5 team moments to shoot
    • Inform all employees and find volunteers for the planned scenes
    • Reserve, tidy and clean the necessary spaces
    • Have the image rights document signed.

    πŸ’‘ Don't forget to download the Shooting Kit from your Onboarding Space to get ready on time.



    On the day of photoshoot, the project manager will welcome the photograph and guide him through the company spaces. This will be an opportunity to discuss the staging you have planned and the most needed photos you wish to take.

    In the meantime, the photograph will take spontaneous pictures, adding a natural touch to your company profile. This will make it even more attractive to your future candidates πŸ“Έ!


    ⚠️ Make sure that every member of your teams taking part in the shoot is present, and let the photograph know if there are any confidential elements that should not be captured.

    If you'd like to see some examples of staging, don't hesitate to consult the shooting brief and the various profiles available on our site!


    🎀 What's happening during the videoshoot? 

    Choose your interviewees

    Interviews are vert useful for your future talents! They can learn a lot about their future colleagues and their missions, as well as about your corporate culture.


    Video interviews last an average of 1 minute 30 minutes, and are conducted one at a time. It's a question-and-answer exchange between the cameraman and the interviewee.

    Interviewees embody your company's values, which is why we advise you to choose different profiles to give your candidates a global view.
    Here are the different profiles we recommend interviewing:

    • Managers, to talk about your company's major challenges and the skills you're looking for in your future employees.
    • Employees working in areas linked to your recruitment needs, who will encourage potential candidates to apply.
    • Experienced employees who can present their career development within the company.
    • Newcomers who can share their reasons for joining the company.


    Get ready before the D-Day

    Each video takes around 30 minutes to shoot! To make it a memorable moment for your teams, here are a few tips for preparation in the weeks before:

    • Choose interviewees & their order of appearance.
    • Prepare the interview questions with them (around 4 to 5 questions per person).
    • Take inspiration from the videos on our website.
    • Avoid learning the answers by heart; take the time to rehearse these exchanges several times before the day of the shoot. Staying natural is key πŸ”‘ !

    πŸ’‘ Don't forget to download the Shooting Kit from your Onboarding Space to get ready on time.



    After choosing the best setting for the interviews, our director can set up his equipment and make the various sound and lighting adjustments.

    Don't worry, he will guide your staff throughout the interview! 😊

    We recommend that your project manager remains present during the interviews, to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and in particular to make sure that no mistakes are made by the interviewees while they are being interviewed.


    🎞️ & once the videoshoot is over ?

    Post-production and delivery of your content

    The photograph will take around 100 photos during the shoot, but you will receive between 30 and 60 photos depending on your subscription plan.


    Our Onboarding team will deliver your content within ten days, so you can view and select the photos that will appear on your company profile!

    You'll also have access to an initial mock-up of your profile.


    Publish your company profile

    If you're satisfied with the final result, you can request publication of your showcase from our Onboarding team by clicking on the "Request publication" button in the Profile Editor:


    Demander publciation.png

    If your billing information is complete, our team will get back to you to confirm publication of your showcase within 24 hours.


    πŸ†˜ Our Care team is here to help if you have any questions! To contact us, click on the widget at the bottom right of this article or on the "Help" button on the platform.