Validate your photoshoot & videoshoot date 🗓️

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    ✨ Ready to start your Onboarding with Welcome to the Jungle? First step, organize your photoshoot & videoshoot!

    🎥 Select a videoshoot date

    First, go to the Welcome to the Jungle Solutions home page to access your Onboarding to do list:




    Click on "Booking" to be redirected to the shooting appointment module.

    Choose a date & appointment time

     On this new page, you'll find a summary of the elements planned for your shoot, as well as a calendar allowing you to select your shooting date and time:


    Réserver créneau.png


    Fill in a contact point 

    Once you booked a slot, scroll down the page to add the information of the project manager who will be the point of contact for our photograph:


    ⚠️ The choice of contact person is essential, as he or she will receive all communications relating to the photoshoot and will have to be present on location on D-day.


    Enter the videoshoot location

    You will need to add the address where your photoshoot & videoshoot will take place, as well as additional information to facilitate access to your offices:

    Lieu tournage.png

    ⚠️ If your address is not recognized by our system, you can enter the name of the street or town and then add the details of your address in the "Additional informations..." field below.


    If your premises are secured, and badges are mandatory, please note to the "Special instructions..." box too! Our Onboarding team will then be able to take this information into account when organizing your photoshoot.


    ✅ Confirmation of your videoshoot slot

    Once your request has been validated, a "photoshoot reserved" message will appear on your screen and your task list will be updated instantly:

    finaliser réservation date.png

    In the meantime, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the project manager you just choose.


    We also recommend that you download the "Shooting Kit" and watch our tutorial, so you'll have everything you need to prepare for your photoshoot & videoshoot with peace of mind!


    🆘 Our Care team is here to help if you have any questions! To contact us, click on the widget at the bottom right of this article or on the "Help" button on the platform.