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    💡 Your job offer is almost complete, and you're wondering how to communicate the salary on this job post? This article shows you how to do it in just a few clicks, and how to make the right payroll decisions with our partner Figures!

    Specify salary from Welcome to the Jungle Solutions ATS

    How the "Salary" field works

    When you create a new job post, the salary field is located in the column on the right-hand side of the screen in the first tab of the form:


    You have 4 different options:

    • Salary range
    • Minimum salary
    • Maximum salary
    • Not communicated

    This field also allows you to define the frequency and currency.

    Match your salary to the market with Figures

    Make the most of your Employer Brand with Figures

    Figures is the 1st wages benchmark platform in Europe giving you access to a salary estimation to help you make fair wage decisions.

    And we've got some great news to share with you: we're making the expertise of our partner Figures available to you for free when you create your job posts 🎉 !

    Define a wage range based on the salary scale proposed by Figures directly from our ATS. This is a key tool that will enable you to attract talented people, creating a greater and fairer compensation package.

    💡 9 out of 10 candidates want to know the salary when they are looking for a job. By indicating a salary range on your post you optimize the attractiveness of your offers!

    How does Figures work on our ATS?

    Estimate your wage range

    Figures is available in the "Salary" field of your post creation form.

    To access the salary estimation, you must indicate two elements on your job post:

    • Position title
    • Location ("Offices" field).

    ⚠️ To access the list of your locations, you must first add your offices from the ATS "Settings" tab. In case this article tells you how to do this!

    Once these two information have been entered, you'll see an estimation appear in the right-hand column of the form, under the "Salary" field:

    salary range.png

    By clicking on the Figures tab, you can access the details of this estimation and adapt the range according to the experience required for this position, from junior to C level:

    Figures EN.gif

    The experience indicated in the Figures table is only used to estimate the salary and is not linked to the "Experience" field available in the right-hand column of the job post creation form.

    Apply your salary to your job post

    💡 The salary range proposed by Figures works by country only. For example, Figures will suggest the same estimation for a post based in Bordeaux and Paris, but the wage will differ if you enter "Barcelona".

    Once you've entered your salary, click on the "Apply salary" button to add it to your post.

    Specifying the salary on your post is essential information which will have a strong impact on your employer brand and your recruitment. On average, a job post with a salary receives 2.5 times more applications!

    Validate and save a salary

    Once your job post is complete, you can either save it as a draft or publish it directly on your profile and/or career site:


    On the candidate side, the salary will be displayed directly on the job post:


    Now you can take the leap with your eyes closed, and make sure that your salary policy is in line with the market.

    🆘 If you have any further questions, you can contact us on the support widget at the bottom right, or on the contact form at this link