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    💡 This asset has been created to give candidates insights from your company's "personality"! Thanks to this test, candidates will be able to project themselves into your company!


    The objective of this test 🎯

    By positioning on this compatibility test, your company will :

    • Allow candidates better understand your company's culture
    • Enable candidates to position themselves and attract ideal profiles
    • Appear more authentic and transparent
    • Reassure your candidates by giving them concrete insights into how your company operates.

    What you need to know before taking the test 👀

    In order to carry out the personality test in the best conditions, here are a few things to know:

    User rights

    • Only people with "Employer Brand" access will be able to take the test. Make sure you agree beforehand on who will be responsible for taking it.

      Screenshot (85).png

    Statements completion

    • The member responsible for carrying out the test must complete all the statements presented. This is essential for a complete and accurate results. There are no right or wrong answers! The aim is to show candidates how your company is built so that they can project themselves better into it.

    Frequency :

    • You are able to take the test up to three times in one year. This frequency ensure fiability, and reduce over-use risk of the test.

    Re-run the test

    • Each time a new test is completed, the previous results are overwritten. There is no history of previous results. 

    Please note that there is no saved draft.


    Take the test 📝

    The test is composed of 36 statements. You'll be asked to indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with each statement.

    Here are a few tips on how to best embody your company:
    - Be objective about your teams' day-to-day work
    - Talk to managers
    - Keep your company's values in mind.

    The questions will be asked randomly according to any subjects and will not be contextualized so as not to bias your answers. Here is an example of a question that might be asked:

    Screenshot (70).png

    When complished, you will get a summary of your answers with the percentage by theme:

    Screenshot (71).png


    💡 While creating this test (questions and results), we were assisted by Marc Gauthier, an expert specialized in management assistance.


    Once the test is complete, you can choose whether to publish your results or not. You'll also have the option of taking the test again (as indicated, up to 3 times over a 6-month period).

    Screenshot (72).png

    On the candidate side 🙈

    - The results will be visible only on the company's "job offer" pages.


    Screenshot (73).png


    🆘 If you have any further questions, you can contact us on the support widget at bottom right.