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    💡 If your company is eligible for this Index, you will be able to display it on your Welcome to the Jungle Profile and your job offers

    What is the Professional equality index, and on which companies does it apply to?

    The Professional equality index was established in France in 2019. It applies to all French companies with more than 50 employees.

    This index is based on five indicators, each assessing a different aspect of gender equality in the workplace. It's a score out of 100:

    1. Gender pay gap: This indicator measures the difference in average salary between women and men in the company.

    2. Breakdown of individual salary increases gap: It assesses gender-based differences in terms of salary increases.

    3. Percentage of female employees who received a salary increase upon returning from maternity leave: This indicator measures the consideration of maternity leave in company policies.

    4. Number of female employees in the under-represented gender among the top ten highest earners: This aims to promote the presence of women in leadership and decision-making positions.

    5. Breakdown promotion gap (only in companies with more than 250 employees): Points are awarded to companies that, during the year, promote an equal number of women and men within 2% or 2 individuals

    Why highlight this Index?

    The Professional equality index offers several key advantages for both businesses and society:

    1. Transparency: The Index drives companies to make their salary policies more transparent, enabling employees to better understand wage gaps and promote a fair work environment.

    2. Incentive for Action: Companies scoring below 75 out of 100 must take corrective measures. This encourages employers to take concrete initiatives to improve gender equality within their organization.

    3. Enhanced Brand Image: Well-ranked companies can benefit from a better brand image, appealing to both talents and equality-conscious customers.

    4. Progress towards equality: By highlighting inequalities, the Index contributes to raising awareness and moving towards a fairer working environment.

    How to add it to your Welcome to the Jungle profile?

    To add your Professional equality index score:

    • Go to WTTJ Solutions in the Employer Brand section.
    • Access your Assets library.
    • Select "Professional equality index asset".

    You will then be redirected to your Profile content page and be able to make this information visible or not online:

    pro equality index.gif

    💡 The information are pre-filled and comes from the government based on your SIREN number. If you don't see the information even though you are eligible, please ensure that you have correctly entered your SIREN number on Chargebee or in the Billing tab (for manual payments). If your rate doesn't seem accurate, feel free to contact us.

    If your score is not calculable, for example, if no salary increases were made this year in your company, you will see the mention 'NC' (Not Calculable). However, you still have the option to display this mention.

    Capture d’écran 2024-02-20 à 15.10.15.png

    💡 If your company is not eligible for this Index (less than 50 employees, non-French companies), you will not have access to this Asset.

    Member access

    This feature is only accessible to 'Managers' of the Employer Brand product.

    Where can candidates view this Index?

    This Index will be visible:

    • On your profile in the 'Key Figures' section of your 'Profile' tab: your score will appear along with your rating out of 100.

    Screenshot (9).png

    • In each job published on your 'Jobs' tab: The score will be detailed with the 5 indicators.

    Screenshot (10).png


    🆘 If you have any further questions, you can contact us using the widget at the bottom right or our contact form at this link.