Promoting Perks & Benefits 🫰 

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    💡 If you want to highlight the employee Perks and Benefits available in your organization, this article is for you!

    Learn more about our feature:  Perks & Benefits 🤓 

    What it is

    Employee Perks and Benefits feature enables companies to communicate their employer brand differently and to make easily accessible working conditions in all areas: remote policy, parenthood, social security coverage, CSR...

    These employee benefits will help you stand out from other companies targeting the same talents as you, and thus enhance your attractiveness. They also allow you to work on transparency.


    What candidates see 🔎

    On the candidate side, the Perks & Benefits are visible directly on job offers.

    As you can see on this GIF (candidate side) 

    Perks & benefits gif.gif

    *Perks & Benefits may vary depending on the type of country in which your position is located.


    Employee benefits can now be accessed from the job search as a new filter.

    This will increase the visibility of companies that have included them, and further highlight their employer brand.


    Publish your Perks & Benefits

    Access Perks & Benefits on Welcome to the Jungle Solutions 🚪

    • Go to WTTJ Solutions in the Employer Brand section.
    • Access your Assets library.
    • Select the Perks & Benefits asset

    Assets library gif.gif

    Member access

    This feature is only available to "Managers" of the Employer Brand product.

    Capture d’écran 2024-01-23 à 16.52.46.png

    This article will help you understand how to modify them if needed --> How to change and remove access to Welcome to the Jungle products ❌


    Select your company's Perks & Benefits.

    • Choose your country
    • Scroll down all the categories of your choice
      sélect advantages.png
    • Choose all the Perks & Benefits offered by your company (there's no limit)!
    • Please note, that these Perks and Benefits must already be in place in your company.

    You can sort the Employee Benefits categories as you wish


    Bookmark 6 Perks & Benefits

    - Put a star on the 6 benefits you particularly wish to highlight

    benefits - stars.png

    On the candidate's side, here's how the 6 starred advantages will appear : 

    benefits-candidats side.png

    Choose which Jobs to display your Perks & Benefits.

    You also have the option to choose whether or not, to display these Perks & Benefits on certain jobs. 

    To do that :

    - Go to the "Job Management" section

    - Select the offer on which you don't want the Perks & Benefits to appear

    - Click on the column in the table "additional contents"

    Enregistrement de l’écran 2024-04-09 à 16.23.25.gif

    - And deactivate the cursor : 

    Screenshot (37).png

    Specific case 🤓

    Several countries 🌎

    If your company operates in different countries, it’s certainly possible that employee benefits are not the same in France, the US, the UK etc.

    That's why employee benefits can be selected on a country-by-country basis. Depending on the country in which your offer is based, the right benefits will appear to interested candidates!

    add country.gif